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Outstanding teachers and leaders have plenty of career options. So, why do our staff consistently choose to stay within the Scholar Academies network? According to our team, these three things make SA an outstanding place to work:

1. Inspiration & challenge are all in a day’s (turnaround) work

As a team of professionals, we do some of the toughest work in America – transforming chronically underperforming schools into places full of joy, academic rigor, and high expectations. This work is our calling, not just a career. As a member of our network, you will be surrounded by professionals who share your urgency and commitment to improving education for all students – regardless of their family’s income or zip code.

2.  Let’s grow, together

From day one, you will receive targeted support from school leaders, instructional coaches, and peers who are fully devoted to your growth and success. You will have the support of school-wide culture systems that create a strong sense of community, and allow you and your students to thrive. Also, you will grow in your understanding of the families and diverse communities we serve, thanks to our network’s unique focus on community engagement.

3. Pathways to leadership

By 2017, our network plans to expand from six to 12 schools, serving up to 6,000 students across the mid-Atlantic and in Memphis, TN. We need talented, eager team members who are excited about growing into leadership roles in order to achieve this growth. Our dedicated leadership development programs give interested teachers the skills and opportunities to transition to school leadership roles more quickly than is typically possible.

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Thank you for another successful Art Auction!

The 7th Annual Student Silent Art Auction was a great success!  We are so proud of our students and so thankful to everyone who came out to support their talent.

Here are some highlights from what was a great night.

Students proudly displayed their art and shared the story behind each piece.

Lots of smiles were shared as patrons bid on their favorite student created masterpieces.

Over 60 pieces of art found happy homes by the end of the night.

YSD STOMP made a guest appearance.  Click the image to watch a short clip of their performance.

Lars Beck was joined by Lee Stabert to honor her father, Stan Wolfe, founder of Young Scholars Charter School.  A framed Yale pennant, Stan’s alma mater, will be displayed at the school in his honor.  For information on how you can sponsor your own alma mater’s pennant, contact 

Special thanks to our event team:  Julia Silvasy, Manager of External Relations at Scholar Academies, and our event co-chairs Courtney Disston, Gail Tomassini, and Eileen Smith.

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